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Order Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Ed –  Choose Online Version, Hard Cover Book or Pocket Reference  (USA Life Science Publisher site)

Order Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Ed (CDN Life Science Publisher site)

Online Access to Essential Oils Testimonials


Business Tools  

Books, CD, DVDs, Brochures

Order Business Tools via  (Canadian site)

Order books, banners and business cards via  (Canadian site)

Order Business Tools via  (USA site)

Order Business Tools via  (USA site)

Order Books and Essential Oils Supplies via   (USA site)


Marketing Scents Contact Management Database, Website & Training System  

Provides consistent and timely follow up and support with the assistance of an automated and customizable email and audio educational and training system

Register for One Month FREE Trial of for $1

$19.95US/month for Professional Account with Audio Creator features

or $49.95US/month for Premier Account with Video Creator and Online Webinar Hosting features

or FREE forever with 3 active Referrals for paid subscriptions !!!

View Sample Site:  Vibrant Balance Marketing Scents site  (recommended)

View Sample Landing Page:  Paths to Abundance  (recommended)



Other Young Living Personal Website Subscription Choices –  Options Available 

Ensures your contacts are referred back to your Young Living distributor ID for $19.97 CDN/month or $149.97 CDN/yr

View Sample Site:  Vibrant Balance YLScents Site   



Silver-in-6 Program 

Are you interested in winning a FREE Aroma Complete??

Would you like to build a HUGE TEAM of people who are spreading the Young Living message??

Here is the replay for the first conference call with Young Living Platinum, Shannon Hudson on the Silver in Six Incentive ~~ Make sure YOU KNOW the details!!

It takes about 1 minute for the audio to start playing 

Listen to the Silver-in-6 Conference Call with Shannon Hudson