Joining our Young Living Heart Scents Team means you are ready to embark on a journey to optimal health, wellbeing, passion, joy, freedom, friendship with all the energy and abundance to live the life of your dreams.

We all know our world is changing and it’s changing fast. These changes are touching each and every one of our lives in different and unique ways. No one is exempt from the changes happening at this time. We must all do our part to take care of ourselves and each other during this time of change.

As members of the Young Living Heart Scents Team we desire to do just that.

We are not only dedicated to sharing the wisdom, experiences and countless testimonials about Young Living Essential Oil products. We are here to create a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to health, wellness, purpose and abundance.

We are here to be a source of information on alternatives to help people help themselves to heal while empowering them to take their health back into their own hands. It is our intention to show people how important it is to use products that are natural and produced with the utmost quality.



 Seed to Seal Commitment


Right now we are seeing the largest paradigm shift ever before and one of the key elements is to return to Nature. Return to connecting with our bodies’ own innate wisdom and self-healing capabilities. It’s a time to really take a look at our health in a “whole” new way.

Body, Mind and Spirit in harmony and balance!

The beautiful thing about these changing times is we all get to have a say. We all get to make choices in how we move forward, in how we help to ensure our planet remains vibrant and sustainable. We all have a say in the future of healthcare and how we feed our bodies and that of our children in order to prevent disease and illness instead of operating from an “after the fact” approach.

It is about loving ourselves enough to provide ourselves and our families with the highest quality in Essential Oils and Nutrition as well as all other products we use in our home and on our skin.

As members of The Young Living Heart Scents we are taking a preventative approach to disease and illness and are committed to:

Cleaning up our homes, our workplaces, all child care facilities and all other public spaces from chemical laden, toxic filled cleaning products.

Cleaning up our bodies from toxic and chemical laden medications and personal hygiene products.

Eating clean, high vibration whole foods infused with the amazing healing qualities of Young Living Essential Oils.

Creating a loving, conscious community of passionate individuals ready to share our own personal experiences to help others.

Providing information, education and support through workshops, seminars, teleconferences, books and other avenues to make it both easy and affordable to get the information, services and products needed to further our personal health and healing journey.

And most importantly we are here to teach parents how to provide children with healthier choices for their wellness needs in order to create a generation who returns to nature’s wisdom and the essence of real wellness and healing.

It is our hopes to see a generation free from the illnesses and diseases which have plagued our parents and grandparents by reminding us how to start from a young age to really know how to look after ourselves, how to feed our bodies, hearts and minds.

Thank You!

Visit us and join our global community at www.essentialoilsnaturesgift.com 

Know that we abide by our team mantra: “The path to awakening the heart makes sense!”